What is a 'ParkyGames'?

In late 2010, a young lad named Parky created a YouTube channel: determined to share his sarcastic outlook on video games with anyone who'd listen. Several years later, and after many adventures, Parky is still sharing his awkward style of love with thousands of people around the world.

The YouTube Channel

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Production Specs

Ever wondered what it takes to make one of my videos? Now you can find out! Check out the following hardware/ software listings to see what I use for video production.

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A bit more info...

Outside the confines of YouTube I work full-time as a Front-end UI Web Developer. It has always been my dream to create YouTube videos for a large community of viewers, and one day I hope to be able to do it full time! Help me achieve my dream!

I'm a huge fan of the wacky and weird when it comes to gaming, especially the huge variety of strange Indie titles I manage to dig out of the Steam Store and beyond. You should probably check out my Parky's Shorts Series for this!

I'm also a huge fan of playing games that bring back a real feeling of nostalgia; this is probably why I love Spore far too much, and also why I'm most well known on YouTube for all of my Spore content!

If you'd like a daily look into my life, it would definitely be worth following me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I often post behind-the-scenes content and other daily ramblings!

Picture of Parky on a mountain
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